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Wreaths & More

At Pinecrest Farms, we offer a beautiful selection of Wreaths, Kissing Balls, Candy Canes, Crosses, and Swags in various sizes and styles.  
Kissing Balls
Small, Medium and Large

Candy Canes
Small and Large

Small and Large

Small and Large- NOW 25% OFF
$2.50 per foot or
$130 per 60' Coil

Bundles of Boughs
$10 per bundle-Extremely Limited
Pre-Order recommended.
Please call 269-545-8125 to order.

*Easels available for easy display of your greenery

Wreath sizes:
10 inch ring 
14 inch ring
18 inch ring
24 inch ring
30 inch ring
36 inch ring
48 inch ring
54 inch ring
Wreath prices are dependent on the size of the wreath ring and decorations used on the wreath.
Candy Cane
Tree Stands
We offer sturdy Tree Stands in a variety of sizes to work perfectly with your tree. 
  • Small (Less than 7ft.)
  • Medium (7-9 ft.)
  • Large (9ft. and above)
  • Extra Large (has extra leg for added support for large, heavy trees)
If you purchase a tree stand from our farm, please make sure you get your tree drilled before leaving.
To use your stand: insert the drilled tree on the needle of the stand while the tree and stand are laying on their sides, then use a hammer or a mallet to gently tap the metal frame of the stand to secure the tree.
If at any point a part breaks or goes missing from your stand, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with replacement parts to get your tree stand functioning again. 
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