2020 Christmas Tree Special

With every purchase of a fresh Pre-Cut tree you will receive one complimentary Tree Removal Bag, one Keeps-It-Green tree preservative bottle, and  a coupon for a free personalized ornament (max. value of $10).

Visit us during our extended Pre-Cut Hours:
This year we are offering extended Pre-Cut hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m. From 5:30 p.m.- 8 p.m. we will offer a special lighted wagon ride to our Pre-Cut field. The field will be lit for safe tree selection as it gets dark. No U-Cuts will be allowed after dark.
Take advantage of our Curbside Pickup:
Fresh-cut trees will be available for curbside pickup during our weekday hours.
Weekday hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. and Tuesday, Thursday 9 a.m- 6 p.m.
Call 269-545-8125 to place your order at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Payments must be made with a credit card at time of order.
  • Curbside pickup will include an additional $5 handling fee
  • What we will need to know for your order:
    • Type of tree desired
    • Height of tree desired (please keep in mind your ceiling height along with height of your tree stand and tree topper to get the correct sized tree)​
    • Do you want a fat or thin tree? Full or more open? Etc.
    • Do you have one of our tree stands or would you like to purchase one?​​ 
    • Do you need your tree drilled? (We drill our trees to fit our tree stands)
    • Do you need your tree bundled?
For trees 10 ft. and up, please call for availability. 
Come check out our colored Christmas Trees! Available in Red, Teal, Purple, Blue, Black and White.  The colored spray used is non-toxic, safe for the environment and for your pets. 


The U-Cut Process:
  • ​​​Upon arrival, head towards the Christmas gate on the right of The Shop to get in line for the tractor and horse wagon rides.
  • While in line, look at the tree variety samples and prices to decide what you're looking for.
  • Tell the line greeter what you are looking for so they can get you on the correct wagon.
  • Get on the wagon to select your perfect tree!
    • Make sure to cut your tree as close to the ground as possible.​
    • Please DO NOT cut a tree in the middle of its trunk to meet your height needs, as that is very wasteful and other customers may be looking for a taller tree. 
  • Once you've cut your tree, carry it to the closest drive to be picked up by a wagon and brought back to the tree processing area. 
  • Once there, your tree will be measured, shaken clean, drilled and bundled if needed.
  • An employee will give you a ticket to use at checkout at an outdoor window or The Shop.
  • We provide hand saws which will be sanitized every morning with a 24-hour disinfectant.  
    • You may bring your own hand saw or Sawzalls.​
    • Chainsaws are NOT allowed.


The Pre-Cut Process:
  • Upon arrival, tell the line greeter​ you are looking to get a Pre-Cut tree.
  • The line greeter will then direct you to one of two designated Pre-Cut areas depending on your preference:
    • If wanting a wagon ride, stand in line to get taken to our Pre-Cut field area.
    • If wanting to avoid the wagon ride and walk to find your tree, ask the greeter to direct you to the nearby Pre-Cuts.
  • After selecting your tree, either carry it to the barn or get on the next empty wagon headed to the tree processing area. ​
  • Once back at the barn, your tree will be measured, shaken clean, drilled and bundled if needed.
  • An employee will give you a ticket to be used at checkout either at an outdoor window or The Shop.
  • Pre-Cuts are all freshly cut from our separate, Pre-Cut only field.
  • With proper care your Pre-Cut tree will last just as well as a U-Cut tree
  • In recent years, our business has expanded faster than our trees can grow. Therefore, to provide fresh trees to our customers, we are offering more pre-cuts this year.

Varieties & Prices


Fraser Fir

$10 per foot

Short, soft needles with silver undertones.  Sturdy branches with excellent needle retention. 


$10 per foot

Balsam Fir

Short, dark green needles.  Strong Christmas tree scent with great needle retention. 


$8 per foot

Norway Spruce

Short, prickly, vibrant green needles.  We recommend pairing spruce trees with our Keeps-It-Green tree preservative for better needle retention. 


$6 per foot

Scotch Pine

Medium length, dark green needles. Sturdy branches and good needle retention as well. 


$10 per foot

Canaan Fir

Short, soft needles with great needle retention. Similar to both the Fraser and Balsam. 


$10 per foot

Concolor Fir

Long, soft needles with a blue-green color. Concolor needles smell like  fresh citrus. Yum!


$10 per foot

Douglas Fir

Soft, green needles.  Less sturdy branches.  This year we have very few of these to U-Cut, but will have a better selection  in the following years. 


$8 per foot

Blue Spruce

Short, prickly needles.  Very blue in color compared to other varieties. We recommend pairing spruce trees with our Keeps-It-Green tree preservative for better needle retention. 

Trees 11 ft. and up will include an additional $2 per foot premium, as much more time and care goes in to growing these large trees. 
Trees 3 ft. and under are priced as a 3 ft. tree.  Our trees under 3 ft. need more time to mature.  Thank you for letting them grow!


4403 Spring Creek Rd.

Galien, MI 49113


Pre-Cut Only Hours:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

5:30 p.m.- 8 p.m.

Open Every Day: 

November 21-December 23

9 a.m - 6 p.m. EDT

Closed Thanksgiving Day

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