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We want to thank you for being patient with us as we attempt to navigate the safest and most efficient way to run our business. 

During this time, our number one priority is keeping a clean and safe environment for both our customers and employees. We ask that everyone does his or her part to help keep others safe and follow the CDC and state guidelines.

We are taking extra safety precautions on our farm to help limit the spread of germs and aid in keeping our customers and employees safe during this pandemic. 

​What we are doing to combat COVID-19:
  • Masks are recommended when inside The Shop, waiting in lines, going on wagon rides and when in close proximity to those outside of your party.
  • All employees will follow current state guidelines.
  • Upon arrival to work, we will perform daily temperature checks on all employees.  Temperatures and health status will be documented each day. 
  • All employees will continue to perform regular hand washing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used by employees between customer interactions. 
  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout The Shop for your convenience.
  • Saws, wagons, counter surfaces, etc., will be sanitized with a 24-hour disinfectant every morning.
  • Two checkout windows have been added to The Shop where customers can remain outside and distanced from others if only purchasing items from outside such as trees, wreaths, stands, greenery, etc.
    • (All ornaments and decorative items found in The Shop must be paid for inside)
  • A new Personalization Station, located away from the cash registers has been added to speed up the checkout process.
    • After purchasing your ornaments, simply head over to the new station to have an employee take down the names you'd like on your items.
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